Bullion Global Limited is a brand communication and marketing agency structured to render strategic and creative professional services. We have the experience required to help you communicate with your target audience and market your goods and services that will boost your brand image and ensure your share of the market.
We effectively accomplish this for you by taking a keen interest in your products and services, understanding its internal and external variables, and then conducting in-house research to understand the business environment in which you operate and the challenges there to help achieve your marketing and communication goals.
To execute this within our organization, we have established all necessary departments (Account/Client Service, Copy/Creative, Media/Strategy, and Production) required to help in coming up with marketing and creative strategies that hit the mark for your organization in the marketplace.
Only those things that are professionally advantageous to do better
  • Think with you and think up how the brand’s public affairs and triumphs can be won.
  • Create unforgettable programmes and situations that will always bring glory and laurels to your organization.
  • Professionally manage your eternal relations and communications.
  • Evolve a creative mechanism of electrifying your brand and organizations for higher performance.
  • Facilitate programmes that will constantly rejuvenate your staff and make them surpass themselves.
  • Stimulate creativity and assist in transforming your brand and organization.
  • Take a lot of burdens off your shoulder by being your social organization to your advantage.
  • Exploit our vast network of media contact.
Writing your organization into the reckoning.


  • Be notable for higher performance
  • Be the beehive of anything honey or trophy: the envy of other corporate organizations.
  • Reap the benefits of strategic public attention and promotion.
  • An unforgettable position image of your brand, tenure and your organization in the public mind.
  • A positive reputation from which it can profit from day to day.