Ajadi extends helping hand to rising Nigerian boxer Oyakojo

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has presented a set of top-tier boxing kits imported from the UK to a rising star in Nigerian boxing, Muyideen Oyakojo.


The aim is to bolster Oyakojo’s dedication and focus, propelling him toward international success.


  Freshly returned from the UK on Saturday, December 30, 2023, Ajadi expressed his confidence in the promising 5.1-foot, 56-weight boxer.


  The generous provision of boxing essentials, including gloves, headgear, cop protector, socks, shoes, bag, water bottle, bandages, skipping rope, teeth guard, training canvas, and clothes, underscores Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited’s commitment to nurturing young talent in the sports and entertainment sector.


  Ajadi emphasized the significance of supporting ambitious young Nigerians like Oyakojo, highlighting the broader encouragement for others to pursue their dreams relentlessly. “You have equipped yourself with the tools of a champion,” Ajadi said, “and with dedication and resilience, you will weave a story of success in the ring.”


  During an interview with our correspondent, Oyakojo expressed gratitude for the thoughtful philanthropy of Ambassador Ajadi, acknowledging that the support not only enhances his training but also serves as a powerful inspiration for excellence in the sport.


  “I pray God continue to back you up in all your endeavors, great things and mighty things which you want, God will continue to do it for you. Both your business and political career will continue to flourish for greatness.


  “I will forever be grateful for all your mission to support my boxing career to the top, with you. Hon Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, I am blessed, thanks for making my life meaningful and special”.


  Eagerly anticipating his first professional fight, Oyakojo, now under the wing of Bullion Go-Neat Limited, is poised to take on the international stage.


  Oyakojo’s boxing journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with notable appearances in national and international events, including the Ogun State Grassroots Games, the 18th National Sports Festival “Eko 2012,” and the National Youth Games in Abuja in 2013. His international experience spans the 2nd Africa Youth Games in Gaborone, Botswana, and the AIBA World Youth Olympics Qualification in Sofia, Bulgaria, both in 2014.


  Having clinched victory at the Korater Boxing Championship in 2013 and securing a Bantamweight Bronze medal at the National Open Boxing Championship in 2017, Oyakojo’s dedication and talent are undeniable.


  Oyakojo’s ambition to enter the American boxing scene in the near future, accompanied by Ambassador Ajadi, is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and fans alike.


  Oyakojo’s journey through the boxing world exemplifies unwavering commitment, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting and successful career in the United States.


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